Torstai 31.8.2017 14:30 - 18:30 Perjantai 1.9.2017 10:00 - 15:00

Architecture and Cities in Transition (ACT)

Olympia, Satakunnankatu 10 & Kuivaamo, Lielahdenkatu 10

Architecture and Cities in Transition-seminar (ACT) is the traditional main event of the Tampere Architecture Week. The topic of Tampere Design and Architecture Week 2017 will be “cycles”. Cyclic phenomena such as trends, life cycle, iterative design process, and cycles in nature all have their effect on architecture and design. For the first time the seminar will be a two day event on 31.8.-1.9.2017.

The first day, ”Cycles in Architecture”, focusses on how innovative architecture can respond to the urban challenges.

The second day, ”Cycles in Urban Development”, is dedicated to the sustainability aspects of Hiedanranta, the future city district of Tampere. This part is also the opening seminar of the Urban Smart Energy project.


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Cycles in Architecture

31.8.2017 14:30-18:30

Olympia, Satakunnankatu 10 33100 Tampere

14:30 Pia Ilonen, Partner, Arkkitehtuuri- ja muotoilutoimisto Talli


16:00 Coffee Break

17:00 Martin Lukasczyk, Development Director, PES-architects

17:45 Kasper Guldager Jensen, Partner, 3XN

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Evening Party 18:30-

Gallery in Siperia underpass , Itäinenkatu 13 (Former ”Meagazone”)

18:30 Service and fair tables open

19:30 ACT-Panel Discussion, moderator Prof. Panu Lehtovuori

20:00 DJ, Service and fair tables open

Together: Abloy, Weber, Hansgrohe, Profin, Scanmikael, Vieser, Siparila, Vink, Wienerberger, Liune, Ruukki, Aurubis


Cycles in Urban Development

1.9.2017 10:00-15:00

Kuivaamo, Lielahdenkatu 10, 33400 Tampere


9.45 Welcome speech, Reijo Väliharju, City of Tampere

10:00  Research projects of Hiedanranta presents
Markku Norvasuo, Urban Smart Energy, TUT
Elina Alatalo, Dwellers in Agile Cities, UTA
Jukka Rintala, Possibilities of algae in sanitation, TUT
Annuska Rantanen, Development vision for Hiedanranta, TUT

11:00 Vaasa energy cluster and pilot-projects presents
Esko Ala-Myllymäki, Project Manager, Oy Merinova Ab, Vaasa
Pertti Onkalo, Manager, Real Estate Services, City of Vaasa

11:45 Lunch

12:30  Sladjana Mijatovic, Circular innovation officer, City of amsterdam

13:15  Karel Mulder, Professor, TU Delft & THUAS

14:00  Panel discussion, moderator Prof. Harry Edelman

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Latest Message: 9 months, 3 weeks ago
  • k : Now different stakeholders have their own points of view that create superficial barriers when there's actually a common interest. Could there be some organisational innovations on ownership so that point of view could be shifted? Hybrid models of ownership?
  • guest_6300 : When citizens are in the lead, what exactly is the task of the facilitator? What kind of educations do these people need?
  • guest_1181 : If there is a new system, how to connect it to that old ones?
  • guest_1181 : You say that infrastructure changes slowly. But does the system itself need to change, or is it enough to change the way we use it?
  • guest_9650 : In what timeperiod is the 85 mil saved when you have build 70 000 circular housing
  • k : Amsterdam aims to be inclusive. It's great that people can feel that they are part of the development. But how about taking one step more, how to make citizens stakeholders? That is, not just prosumers, but owners.
  • guest_7811 : Just as a comment: there are a lot of new brilliant housing ideas but, like it was discussed yesterday, many of the constructors and builders dont like the new ideas as the new ideas mean less money for them.
  • guest_7811 : Just as a bcomment:
  • guest_1237 : In nowadays production is seen happening in large and even larger scale. What is the way to combine production inside the centre in point of view safety or efficiency.
  • guest_7811 : Are the biowaste refining facilities to be situated inside the new districts or out side the cities?
  • guest_7811 : How do you minimize unwanted smells during the process of sorting out and refining of the biowaste?
  • guest_3245 : Elina Alatalo: 1. Are there other projects done with this same methods of including residents in designing? 2. Why do you think this co-creation not the norm yet in all residential projects? 3. Is it a question of financing?
  • guest_1181 : How can we overcome the psycholocical boundaries for using dry sanitation systems?
  • guest_1595 : How you find the importance of Economics when planning A project? Basicly knowledge how much approximately the designed solution would cost in reality? Maybe different weight in different countries for this issue? BR. Anssi
  • guest_3245 : Kasper and maybe others: is it difficult to get developers interested in recycling in projects? Like demolishing buildings in pieces is a huge cost compared to normal demolishing.
  • guest_712 : to kasper. How doesn't it take to the organic construction material to decompose. Is it long enough to keep up with the concept of sustainable construction where buildings should be built with versatility and lifetime of 50 or even 100+ years
  • guest_712 : To kasper
  • guest_7811 : Invigorating and eye opening presentation from Kasper!
  • guest_7413 : Any new innovations in integrating solar panels to building facades?
  • guest_7413 : Brilliant ideas!
  • guest_4171 : How about the quality of work when the construction is done in such a hurry?
  • guest_1379 : What would you say is the biggest challenge in doing projects in China?
  • guest_8074 : Excellent speaker!
  • guest_6768 : In Wuxi project: was the planning of the facade lighting a part of the building planning project or did it come later in the process? Was the night time scene important for the client?
  • guest_5605 : How did you get into this factory site planning? An architecture competition?
  • guest_1804 : What was produced in the factory from the 80's you partially took pieces from and replaced with appartments? Are there mostly young or old people, families or students?
  • guest_1804 : Very interesting ideas and projects!
  • guest_8761 : For the organizers: Could you dim the light spilled to the screen? It disturbs seeing the slides.. thanks!
  • guest_3825 : Do residents have to engage an architect to undertake the interior design of the loft apartments or can they do the design themselves?
  • motorholic architect : i bet the parking norm could flex with vehicle fitting elevator...(just a comment)
  • guest_9270 : What was the solution for producing living for a musician?
  • motorholic rchitect : do the elevators fit a vehicle. a motorcycle?
  • guest_677 : Do you think there is a way for an architect to say involved post-construction? Should they?
  • guest_6086 : Great talk so far! How much did it cost to purchase this 'raw' apartment? How price compares to regular apartment in Helsinki?
  • guest_1379 : Is this nail loft apartment concept popular in the rest of the world?
  • guest_2679 : yykaakoonee
  • guest_7184 : Hi!


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